Weeks 37-39 (I think) – Blue Apron Week and Baked Fontina Pasta

I have completely lost track of the weeks.  Busy season hit SO hard the last three weeks.  I think I blacked out for part of it becuase I just have no concept of when things happened.  Sleep deprivation is no joke, folks.  But whatever, it’s behind us, it’s April 16th and I’m not at work and all is right with the world 🙂

We did keep cooking through the craziness.  And by we I mean Matt.  That man is the best, so glad I married him!  He really stepped it up with the cooking and cleaning and taking care of me and making sure I didn’t fall apart or take my job too seriously (aka he made me go to bed at night, because there’s always tomorrow and nobody is going to die if they don’t get their tax return less than a week before the dealine).  Don’t know how I did busy season without him before we got married…

So at some point we had a Blue Apron week.  And, because I this is real life and sometimes you’re so hungry you forget to take a picture of your meal before stuffing your face, I don’t have pictures of everything.  Sorry.  Here’s what I do have.  Laziness is kicking in so I’m sending you to their website for the recipes, the recipe cards are prettier anyway.

Also, update on the chicken parm meatballs that we made extras of and froze – the were just as amazing the second time around.  Something we’ll definitely be making and freezing before next busy season, makes for such and easy and delicious meal!

No Bake Cookies

Matt made these this weekend to bring to dinner at a friend’s place, and then my coworkers benefitted from the leftovers on Monday.  He says to use 6 Tbsp of cocoa instead of the 4 the recipe recommends.  Warning: these are addicting.  Recipe is here.

Spicy Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Spicy is quite the understatement here.  Matt made this while I was working, and he said he only put in half of the spicy stuff and I still couldn’t eat it.  My lips were burning, my eyes were watering, I was sweating.  Also, This was one of the ones I forgot to take a picture of.  Woops.  But apparently if you like spicy it was delicious (per Matt). Recipe is here.

Roasted Salmon, Fennel & Castelvetrano Olives

This recipe was surprisingly delicious.  It’s definitely unique and if it was sent to me by Blue Apron again I’d definitely make it, but there are so many ingredients that I doubt I’d make it on my own.  It had a lot going on, but it was healthy and fresh and what more can you ask for? Recipe is here.


Short Rib Burgers on Pretzel Buns

YUM.  These were amazing and I would totally make them again.  I feel like there isn’t more of an explanation needed, jsut look at this picture!  It was also fairly simple with easy to find ingredients (except the hops flowers, which actually didn’t even come in our box for the week) to make on your own. Recipe is here.


Baked Fontina Pasta

This was another Blue Apron Recipe, but it didn’t come in the box we ordered, i just saw it on their website a while ago and pinned it and we finally made it.  It was absolutely delicious.  Not a ton of ingredients, fairly easy directions, definitely will be making this again (Matt made this one too so I can’t speak to it being actually easy to make, but I bet it is). Recipe is here.pic32439pic24626Looking forward to being back on a schedule this week!  We also ordered Fresh Stop (it’s back for the summer!) this week so hopefully we can find fun recipes to incorporate the fruits and veggies we get from there.


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