Back in January 2014 a company I follow was asking people what their food-related New Year’s Resolutions were.  One person said that they were committing to making at least one new recipe per week.  I loved the idea and vowed to some day do the same, when life got a little less crazy.

Now that the wedding planning is over and the marriage has begun I decided what a better way to make sure that all of our wedding gifts get put to use than to start up this new recipe a week trend?  Matt and I love cooking already and for one of my bridal shower’s everyone brought (at least) one of their favorite recipes to compile a nice little cookbook for me.  This, on top of the cookbooks we received as wedding gifts (and my “recipes” pinterest board), give us a lot to work with.  I decided to put it all on a blog, and there will likely be some life tidbits sprinkled in each week as I have also vowed to share less on facebook, I waste a lot of time on that site…

Hopefully you (whoever “you” may be) enjoy this as much as I do! Advanced apologies for spelling or grammar issues, I’m an accountant not an English major.  Also advance apologies for delayed posts during busy season (which is looming in the not far enough away distance), I may not be posting but I promise to be cooking!


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