Our Favorites So Far

We’ve made quite a few recipes so far and just wanted to highlight some of our faves.  There are plenty of other recipes on here that we’ve like and will make again, but these are the ones we’ve made again (some of them multiple times) and the ones that make our mouths water when we think of them.  Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

The Chicken Enchiladas and Enchilada Sauce from week 49.  YUM!  Matt wanted to make these again pretty much immediately.  The homemade sauce is super worth it (and easy to make with all ingredients you probably have) and the enchiladas were perfect.

The Chicken Pesto Quinoa from Week 47.  Pretty easy to prep ahead of time, healthy and delicious!

The Chicken with Pineapple Avocado Salsa and Blackberry Salad from week 44.  I LOVE both of these so much!  We’ve made both as dinner for some families at church who’ve had babies recently and are more than glad to make this, plus a little extras for us to enjoy.  The salad is a little more work but SO worth it.

The Garlic Butter Asparagus Pasta from week 42.  We have made this a few times a month since trying out the recipe.  It’s easy, the ingredients are common and easy to find (when asparagus is in season, which it is right now!).

Turkey Gravy from week 36.  A favorite from my childhood, so glad I finally made it myself (and made it again a couple times…)

The Italian Sausage and Kale Baked Pasta from week 35.  This is perfect to make with leftover ingredients from one of our other favorites – the Zuppa Toscana (below).  Few ingredients, really easy, great flavor.

The Brussels Sprouts Salad and Creamy Pasta from week 33.  Both are super delicious and pretty quick.  Make it quicker by buying pre-shredded brussels sprouts!

The Pasta with Garlic, White Cheddar & Wine Sauce from week 32.  Ho-ly yum!  Super easy and pretty quick for a delicious meal on a week night.

The Hummus, Pitas, and Chicken Shawarma from week 29.  Not recommended for a quick week night (but you could if you did some serious prep work the night before!), but SO worth making everything from scratch on a laid back Sunday.

The Skillet Penne With Italian Sausage, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Spinach from Week 26.  This meal was quick to make, with a fairly simple list of ingredients, and absolutely delicious.  This will definitely be a busy season go-to week night dinner.

The Goat Cheese Biscuits and the Zuppa Toscana from Week 25.  The biscuits are. so. good.  Seriously.  Amazing when fresh out of the oven, but even the reheated ones 4 days later were delicious!  And the soup, oh the soup…so so so delicious, and with just 7 ingredients how can you not?!

The Risotto from Weeks 23&24.  I’m sure we will find ways to dress this up next time, but even this plain and simple version is oh so good.

The Roasted Chicken and Veggies from Week 22.  Oh my goodness. So good, so many veggies, so filling yet mostly healthy (I’m looking at you, deliciously roasted red potatoes…).  And its a make ahead meal, can’t argue with that one!

The Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti from Week 21.  Delicious, fairly simple, can’t wait to make it again!  Maybe we’ll add some broccoli to it next time.  This is also endorsed by my lovely cousin Brita, who is so sweet and texts me when she makes one of the recipes I post and likes it 🙂

The Chicken and Orzo with Spinach and Feta from Week 16.  Matt has referenced this meal a few times, I think we’ll have to throw it back in the mix soon.  It was definitely delicious.

The Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup from Week 15.  This has been remade at least 4 times since that post.  It’s so stinkin delicious!  Don’t skip on the wine or the lemon, it really adds so much flavor to the broth.

The Dark Chocolate PB Granola Bites and Slow Cooker Chicken Parm Soup from Week 14.  The granola bites have been remade a couple times now.  Be sure to keep those bad boys refrigerated or they get real gooey.  And the soup was so good, and so easy.  Anything that is that delicious with that minimal of work is a win.  The soup was also endorsed by my cousin Brita and her family 🙂

The Chicken Riggies from Week 8.  If you’re from upstate NY I had you at that.  If you’re not, go try it and see what you’ve been missing out on.

The Feta Mango Chicken Tacos and Parmesan Baked Zucchini from Week 5. The Tacos are easy, delicious, and can be mostly made ahead!  The Baked zucchini is SO good, and a nice change to the bland veggies sides we sometimes get into a rut with.

Ice Cream from Week 4!  I don’t know how many times we’ve remade the mocha one.  The chocolate decadence is so god and will be remade, but it is a little fussier as it involves cooking things on the stove, and then cooling in the fridge for 24 hrs.  Usually when we’re making ice cream it’s because we want ice cream right then, not tomorrow.

The Creamy Chicken Pasta from Week 3.  Man this stuff was good, not sure why we haven’t made it again yet.  This will definitely be coming back into the rotation in the near future.


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